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Desperate for all the best advice on homeschooling in one place?

So was I—25 years ago. 

It’s way easier than you think, and I want to teach you the basics.

-How to save TONS of money.

-How to teach your kids together, so you don't have to juggle multiple curriculums.

-And what I've learned to make things easier for myself!

Included in the course:
10 Video Modules
+ Workbook
+ Homeschool Planner

Each module takes 20 minutes and will save you TONS of time, TONS of money, and will give you confidence and peace about the upcoming school year.

Homeschooling Mom of 10

What I wish I'd known when I started homeschooling. 
  • Module 1. Homeschooling is a Lifestyle
  • ​Module 2. Homeschool Laws and Your Family
  • Module 3. Homeschooling on a Budget 
  • ​Module 4. Creating a Positive Home Environment
  • ​Module 5. Setting Up Your Kids for Academic Success
  • ​Module 6. Designing Systems and Schedules that Work for YOUR Family
  • ​Module 7. Choosing Books and Curriculum You Will ACTUALLY Use and Enjoy
  • ​Module 8. Teaching While Working from Home
  • ​Module 9. Teaching Multiple Ages at Once
  • ​Module 10. Starting Strong and Finishing Well
Tons of practical advice, encouragement and tips!
I make it EASY for you!


10 Module Training 
(Valued at $600)

Printable Workbook 
(Valued at $90)

Printable Planner
(Valued at $35)

Bonus Video Modules (Valued at $159)

Scripture Cards (Valued at $10)

Bonus Mini-Unit from Five in a Row (Valued at $10)

**Plus a $40 off coupon from Sonlight Curriculum is included!

Total Value = $904
Regular Price = $297

Before November 30! $19

100% guaranteed. 
If you don't get the help you need I'll refund your money. 
No questions asked.


As a bonus, my friends at Five In a Row are gifting you a FREE mini-unit with your purchase. 

A $10 value! 

(The coupon code to get the mini-unit can is found in MODULE ONE.)

Bonus Module! 
40 Ways to Be Present in Your Child's Day
In the midst of a busy day it's easy for mamas to think of our children as “tasks” rather than as “hearts” we need to connect with. Here are ways to be present in your child's day.
54 Scripture Cards for the Homeschool Parent
Homeschool days can get long, and God can seem far away from your table piled with books and papers. I’ll include 54 verses that will specifically fuel your homeschool days.
Bonus Module! 
Calming Angry Kids
You don't know how to control your child's anger. You feel hopeless, fearful of your child's future, and angry yourself. In Calming Angry Kids, I share my own deeply personal experiences of trying to help my angry kids.


For a limited time!
Anyone who purchases this course THIS WEEK will also receive a bonus module: The Grumble Free Homeschool.

I'll share dozens of tips on how our family went from Grumbling to Gratitude!

Here is the Welcome video, to show you what the course is about!

Keep reading if you want to know more about me and the course!

I'm Tricia Goyer, and I've been doing this homeschooling thing for a while. I started in 1995 with my three oldest kids and no idea what I was doing. We figured out it, and they're all adults who've turned out great! 

Cory works in insurance and is married with kids. 

Leslie lives in Europe with her husband and baby. She teaches at a university and is working on a graduate degree

Nathan is an honors student in college who had a book published at 22-years-old. He solo-develops RPG video games that are clean, fun and enjoyed by tens of thousands of people

I think my older kids have turned out alright! But I didn't stop the homeschooling with them.

When these three were nearly adults, John and I started adopting. SEVEN more kids later, I'm still homeschooling. We have one daughter in college, and I have six kids still at home. The youngest is nine. (Note: I still have a few more years of doing this homeschooling thing.)

Everything I teach YOU about homeschooling, I DO on a daily basis. 

I'm only sharing what REALLY WORKS!

Now, more than ever, parents are having to figure out homeschooling FAST! 

I understand the struggles:
- I work from home.
- I teach multiple grades at once.
- Sometimes the kids are unmotivated.
-Sometimes I am.

-I have kids with learning disabilities.
-Some of my kids need special help and get speech and occupational therapy.
-Three of my kids are dyslexic.

I'm an ordinary mom who is sometimes tempted to scroll Facebook instead of reading aloud. BUT I've also figured out sure-fire ways to make sure the important stuff gets taught, I'm not too overwhelmed, and the kids have fun while learning. (At least most of the time.)

P.S. I'm also a mom who can never seem to get a photo with ALL the kids. This one has five of my homeschooling kids and two of my grandkids. Pretty close!

Before homeschooling was about choosing a better educational choice for your kids. But now there is so much more at stake, including the HEALTH of your family. 

Public and private schools are doing their very best balancing teaching kids at school during a world-wide health crisis, while also figuring out virtual learning. It's a big challenge. During this time in history, everyone is just trying to figure out what's best. I'm here to help you figure out homeschooling quickly and start the year off with success while others are still trying to do "good enough to get by."


Do you want to give your kids a private education–but without 
the endless screen time, complications, and lack of individuality 
that comes with your school’s e-learning alternative?

You’re invited to join a growing movement of moms and dads 
who want to give their children something better and something deeper. 

-A deeper love for learning. 
-A deeper, more comprehensive education. 
-Deeper family relationships. 

Together we can start the school year off right!

18 short years. 
I knew that was all I had. 

And with some of my adopted children joining our family later in life, I had even less time than that. 

I wanted to pack my children’s lives with meaning. I wanted to give them the best life I could. I wanted to stand before God someday and tell Him that I had done all I could to raise my children to love and follow Jesus. 

But something heavy was holding me back, like a weight laying on my chest as I laid awake at night, thinking about the possibility of homeschooling. 

I realize now, that weight was fear. I was scared that homeschooling would require me to kiss my own dreams goodbye. I was scared my kids would emerge from adulthood as weird, socially awkward creatures that people would roll their eyes at and say, “Oh, they were homeschooled.” I was terrified that homeschooling would turn my life upside down. 

And in many ways, it did. 

My dining room table was suddenly taken over by books and papers. 
My thoughts became consumed with worries about curriculum,
homeschool co-ops, and conferences–was I even qualified for this? 
My school-aged kids were home all the time, and I didn’t know how to find time for myself. 

But as the long days turned into months, and the months and into years, I started noticing new things: 

My kids were playing outside when other kids were still sitting behind desks. 

They loved learning and viewed the world as their classroom. They truly loved the Lord and were growing in Him. 

They weren’t socially awkward ... in fact, they were comfortable and polite to adults and could strike up conversations with almost anyone. 

I felt like I knew my kids–really knew them. And I learned how to give 
them the individual attention they needed 

And, perhaps most surprising of all … I still found time to write books, serve young moms in my community, and record my podcast. 

So yes, you could say that homeschooling did turn our lives upside down. 
But, 10 kids and 25 years later, I’ve realized something: 

Homeschooling didn’t turn our lives upside down. 
It turned our upside down lives right-side up. 

I want to offer the opportunity to give your family the rich gift of homeschooling. 

No, it won’t be perfect. But, I guarantee, if you do your due diligence 
in the early stages and learn from other seasoned moms, you can bypass the stress, confusion, and exhaustion I experienced in the early years, and skip to the meaningful, fun adventure that comes with schooling your kids at home.

I’ve put my heart and soul into developing a course for you that outlines the most important aspects of homeschooling:

  • Creating a positive home environment where your children will thrive and learn.
  • ​Inviting your kids to join you on their education journey.
  • ​Understanding the basics of homeschooling laws and what it really takes for your kids to graduate and go on to college.
  • ​Discovering your gifts as a homeschooling teacher.
  • ​Finding extra help for special-needs kids.
  • ​... and more!

You can bypass the stress, confusion, 
and exhaustion I experienced in the early years.

You can skip straight to the meaningful, 
fun adventure that comes with schooling 
your kids at home!

I've compiled my best tips and tricks, 
making it easy for you to give your family the 
rich gift of homeschooling. 

Don’t wait. 

Public and private schools are unsure of how they’ll proceed this fall in the wake of the pandemic, 
but you don’t have to be. You can proceed confidently and wisely. You can start your homeschooling journey with a tool box of knowledge and inspiration. 

Are you ready? 
Join me!

"I like the idea of homeschooling. It's the reality that scares me."

<- Maybe this is you? It was me, too.


I sat there, in her kitchen, feeling paralyzed. 
My friend Sandy stirred the pot of homemade soup on her stove. “So I heard you want to start homeschooling. How can I help?” She smiled at me. 

I nodded and opened my mouth to ask questions. But as I sat there, worries, fears, and insecurities buzzed around my mind like a flock of angry bees. 

I worried about being responsible for my kids’ education when I had no formal training. I worried they’d drive me crazy. I feared I’d have no time to myself. 
And I worried about my own dreams. 
When would I have time for myself?
But even as all those thoughts flooded my mind, I was too timid to voice them. What if I shared my concerns and Sandy urged me to just send my kids to public school? Instead of voicing my fears, I asked the only question that seemed safe. I cleared my throat. 

“Uh, what curriculum do you use?” 

Sandy told me, and I took notes. I had one question answered, out of what felt like thousands. I returned home with all of those concerns— all those burdens heavy on my heart. 

If I could go back to that day in Sandy’s kitchen, I would tell myself to swallow my pride and ask the questions. So I’ve created this course for me, that insecure, worry-filled woman sitting in her friend’s kitchen that day. Who had so much love for her kids and cared so much, but had no idea where to start. 

You can skip the unsteady baby steps, and instead start your homeschool off with a confident walk. You can enjoy freedom to be creative, since you’ll understand homeschooling fundamentals. 

You can give your kids the best possible start to schooling at home, which will help prevent future burnout and set you up for a lifetime of homeschool success. 


The Homeschool Success Course

I designed this course with YOU in mind!

Each module takes about 20 minutes to go through. (That includes filling in the worksheets and planning for your homeschooling year.)

You can set your own pace.
You can choose what module you need first.
You can watch the videos as many times as you need.

You choose where you need the most help!

I've been blogging and speaking about homeschooling for many years. I've spoken to tens of thousands of parents at homeschool conferences. I've given advice to millions over radio and television. Now I'm here to offer all my best advice to YOU!

Interviewed on

Can you imagine
what life will be like when
you create a 
positive homeschooling environment where your children thrive and learn? And where you feel joy and peace as a homeschooling mom?
What’s Included.
How to Make Homeschool a Lifestyle 
Hint: This doesn’t require tight buns, long skirts, or homemade bread.
• What adjustments you need—and don’t need to make—to fit homeschooling in your lifestyle 
• A feeling of freedom—this can be YOUR homeschooling journey—no one else’s. 
• Tips to have a successful first year 
Homeschool laws and your family
Hint: It is legal to homeschool in every state. The state requirements are often easier to follow than you think.
• What adjustments you need—and don’t need to make—to fit homeschooling in your lifestyle 
• A feeling of freedom—this can be YOUR homeschooling journey—no one else’s. 
• Tips to have a successful first year 
Homeschooling on a budget
Hint: It may not cost as much as you think.
• Understanding the costs associated with homeschooling.
• Creating a homeschool budget.
• Comparing the cost of homeschooling with other educational choices.
Hint: You can create a place where your children will thrive and learn.
• Ways to use your (limited) time to yourself wisely 
• Ideas for staying calm, even when your kids don’t 
• How to keep your perspective on the hard days 
• Questions I ask that help me set our families’ priorities and promote peace in our home 
How to Set Your Kids Up for Academic Success 
Hint: Even if you don’t cover every subject like you think you should, your kids will be OK.
• Teaching kids to love learning.
• Discovering your child’s unique talents and interests.
• Teaching in ways your children can learn best.
• How to surround yourself with a positive team.
Designing school systems and schedules that work for YOUR family
Hint: There is a balance of being scheduled and being flexible.

• Designing school systems and schedules that work for your family.
• How to form your days before you fill them.
• Creating a do-able schedule for your day.
• Tips for staying organized.
Choosing books and curriculum you will actually use and enjoy
Hint: If a parent is excited about the curriculum, it goes a long way in helping the kids be excited too.
• Understanding that curriculum is a guide, not a boss.
• Know how homeschool teaching differs from public and private school teaching.
• Know what types of curriculum to walk away from.
• Easy steps for teaching.
teaching while working from home
Hint: You can succeed and keep your sanity!
• Knowing how to deal with Mom Guilt.
• Ideas for teaching kids from life, not just lesson plans.
• Practical ideas for getting things done.
• Learning how to organize and prioritize.
Designing school systems and schedules that work for YOUR family
Hint: There are many subjects you can learn together!
• Knowing how to teach multiple kids at once.
• How to include chores and meal prep as part of your homeschool day.
• Discovering how older children can help younger children (and benefit them both!)
• Planning activities that your children can do together.
Sticking it out and Finishing Well
Hint: It's focusing on the big picture in light of daily struggles
• Encouragement for when things get hard.
• Ideas for staying committed in the midst of daily struggles.
• Reminders of what really matters.
• Reassessments of your priorities and perspectives for your homeschool year.

Me and my husband with our 10 official kids + 2 bonus kids! 
(unoffically adopted into our family as adults!)

It's taken my 25 years to figure out what works. And I'm sharing it with you!
Know you're worried because you care
And because you care, 
you'll be able to teach and
 guide your child like no one else can.
If I could go back to that day in Sandy’s kitchen, I would tell myself to swallow my pride and ask the questions. 

So I’ve created this course for me, that insecure, worry-filled woman sitting in her friend’s kitchen that day. Who had so much love for her kids and cared so much, but had no idea where to start. 

You can skip the unsteady baby steps, and instead start your homeschool off with a confident walk. You can enjoy freedom to be creative, since you’ll understand homeschooling fundamentals. You can give your kids the best possible start to schooling at home, which will help prevent future burnout and set you up for a lifetime of homeschool success. 

How to find your “why” and set realistic goals for homeschooling 
How to minimize screen time to promote a wholesome, healthy lifestyle in your kids 

How to teach your kids life skills, along with academics, to help them grow up to be fully functioning adults 
How to maximize your hours homeschooling 
How to build a schedule that promotes peace in your family 

How to follow God’s unique call
 and dreams for YOUR life 

Ready to homeschool in confidence?
Your school year can be HAPPIER. EASIER. LIGHTER. And MORE FUN.
You don't have to read every homeschool book out there to get the best tips!

I've done my research.
I've also lived it out.
You get the benefit of all my sweat and tears.
(Your kids will benefit from what mine had to suffer through!)
I'm the homeschooling parent you wish you could take to coffee to get the scoop. And I bring all my best advice right to your computer screen.
Avoid wasted money on curriculums that you don’t need or find boring. 
Avoid frustration in trying to get your kids to sit down and do worksheets that aren’t teaching them much, anyway. 
“What if we didn't have to do worksheets?”
“Before the quarantine started I was really frustrated with my son’s school. It wasn’t a positive environment. Tricia offered me all the help I didn’t know I needed, and now I have a completely different view of education. I thought to myself, “Wow, what if I didn’t have to force the worksheets? What if could we learn in different ways instead?” This got me excited! On Saturday we did a driving tour of abandoned castles near us and learned about their history … without leaving the car. Our whole family thought it was really cool. There is a better way for my kids to learn!” 
The e-learning alternative that schools are offering during the pandemic has caused frustrations, stress, and headaches for so many parents. And now, schools are talking about continuing e-learning into through the fall semester. If you’ve been e-learning with your kids, you’re probably realizing something: e-learning is not a good, long term alternative. But homeschooling can be. And believe it or not, it can be more simple than you think. 


“When are you going to stop making excuses?”
“I felt like I was Tricia’s little sister sitting beside her, each of us cuddled up in favorite fuzzy blankets, with a warm drink and chatting – her talking, me listening while walls were broken. When I needed to cry it was as if she paused just for me. The underlying cheer from Tricia is one of “When are you going to stop making excuses? Stop demanding perfection and optimal conditions? 
Just do what you can when you can. It will come together. God’s got this. You were born for this.” 

I don’t think this whisper on your heart to look into homeschooling is random. I think it may have been placed there by God. Will you trust Him in this adventure, and trust that you are enough? You are. You can do this. 
If you wait, the months will turn into years, 
and you’ll look back at your kids’ childhood and think, “What if I would have homeschooled?” 

Don’t have regrets. 
Don’t wait. 
Take the leap. 

Get sure-fire ways to make sure the important stuff 
gets taught, you're not too overwhelmed, 
and the kids have fun while learning. 

You can have homeschool success! 
And if you aren't satisfied you'll get your 
money back, no questions asked.
And if you order THIS WEEK, you'll receive a bonus module, The Grumble Free Homeschool.

Don't wait!


This is a unique opportunity. 
Now is the perfect time to get prepared.  
12 Module Training (Valued at $600)

Printable Workbook (Valued at $90)
Bonus Video Lessons (Valued at $59)

Scripture Cards (Valued at $10)

Free Grandpa Green mini-unit from Five in a Row (Valued at $10)

Total Value = $904
Regular Price = $297

Before November 30! $19
If you are not fully satisfied with the course, I will return your money no questions asked! I'm so positive this course will help you that I offer a 100% guarantee.
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